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Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar fined $1.2 million for selling obsolete and expired products

New York Attorney General Letitia James has ordered Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family to pay $1.2 million for selling expired products.
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“Relationships: Knowing When to Let Go!” 11/20 by Dr Dorothy E Hooks | Religion

The title of the message today by Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks of Abused Woman Ministries, Inc. is ?Relationships: Knowing When to Let Go!? Dr. Hooks states, ?It is very important to allow God to put the people He wants to put in our lives; our destinies depends on it!? God has given Dr. Hooks this message today so you can understand the importance of allowing Him to lead you in every area of your life including relationships! Dr. Hooks prays that as you listen to this message, you will allow God to speak to you; allow Him to open your eyes to His truth! God bless you, your families, and your ministries!! Be all God wants you to be!! You are who He says you are and not who people or circumstances says you are!!
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Are You Sinking Your Own Ship? The Likely Culprit Behind Your Current Struggles – Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

Are you facing financial, health or relationship struggles? Your words are the likely culprit to your problems. Discover how to turn your words around!
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“Choose Your Chains!!” Pastor Steven Furtick

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life, being dragged around by the devil, by decisions that you made, that has you in bondage, God can, will, and wants to set you free today!! Right now!! Call on Jesus for your freedom, call on Jesus so He can set YOU free, from the bondages from the choices you made, years ago, presented to you by the devil!!

The devil comes at a young age to you, presenting you with a choice, take this or do that!! What you decide, can have you in bondage, the rest of your life, until you recognize what’s going on in your life!!

Even after accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you find yourself slipping back into your old habits!! Why? Because that choice you made at an early age, that became a habit, then you began to do it automatically, which caused you to think that’s who you were, that caused you to think that’s your nature, produced a chain in your life, caused you to be in bondage to that choice you made at a young age!!

Once you are born again, your spirit man becomes new, your soul does not; you have to present all that stuff, your old man, to God, so He can cleanse your soul, and restore it!! God is the One Who restores our souls; we cannot do it!! Until God restores our soul, we are still tied to the old habits, from the old choices we made, that we did automatically, that changed our identity, from who God called us to be, to who we allowed the devil to tell us we were!!

Remember, we are three part beings, spirit, soul, body, and our soul house our mind, will, emotions (our old man, old ways are stored in our soul)!! Once we accept Jesus, and don’t allow God to deliver our souls, we will only go so far, until the chains from our past, pull us back!!

We got to deal with that stuff from our past; we cannot shout over it and pretend it did not happen!! If your choice caused a traumatic experience in your life, something that affected you mentally, you got to allow God to come into your soul and clean that stuff out of you!! You got to go to God and cast that care upon Him; there should not be any secret thing in you, that caused you pain, that you have not presented to God!!

God wants to heal you NOW, of EVERY hurt, EVERY trauma, EVERYTHING you have suffered in your past, that is haunting you today!! Why not give ALL that stuff in your soul to God RIGHT NOW, so He can give you His peace, the peace Jesus left for you, the peace that passeth ALL your understanding, and guards your heart and mind?

God is waiting for you to come to Him; call on Jesus, because He definitely answers prayer!! Jesus will come in, with Holy Spirit, and flood your being with His peace, from the Father, and He will take you to the Father!! WOW!! What a loving, caring, merciful, God we serve – no words can describe God!! God is AMAZING!!

God loves us unconditionally!! God wants YOU to be set free today!! Allow God to break those chains from your past, that has kept you chained to that decision you chose long time ago, or even recently, it does not matter, God wants you free from bondage now, today!! Will you allow God to free you? If you are ready to be free, call Jesus, talk to Him from your heart; ask Holy Spirit to help you pray!!